Winner! – Kent Women in Business Awards

Posted: 18th March 2019

Kerry Gregory Photo

By: Kerry Gregory

Winner! – Kent Women in Business Awards

I am so proud to have won Runner Up in the Kent Women in Business Awards in the category Start Up.

I create meaningful, special jewellery that captures emotion. I listen to the stories behind the jewellery. Why you are making it, what it means to you, and create something beautiful, meaningful and wearable. Women deserve amazing jewellery.

I started this business with nothing, it is entirely self funded, and self managed. I am so proud of what I have achieved and what I deliver. I have a built a business that is self sufficient, built on strong foundations, with the capacity to grow and evolve and the ability to provide employment for others in the near future. I have done this whilst supporting others in my life and in their careers and business, whilst running my home and ensuring that my family has been well looked after. I have continued to give my time to others in my industry to support them, and have continued to teach the gemmologists of the future. 

In the beginning, like many others in my situation, I did everything myself. The business plan, the strategy, the branding, the marketing, the book keeping, making the tea, doing the post, everything! You start with the fear of failure and of spending money, and you grow in confidence and you realise if this is to be a successful business you cannot work alone. 

Within a year of starting, I started to emploother self employed women as consultants to take over tasks that they are more skilled at than me. Leaving me to focus on what I am skilled at. Building the business, and delivering an exceptional experience and product to my customers. 

I now operate out of a beautiful office in the 14th century Masters House on the river Medway and regularly provide work to 6 other women so we are building our businesses together. I have a string of delighted customers, who send more delighted customers my way, and know that 2019 will be a year of exceptional growth for me and those that I work with.