Small business, big heart

Posted: 8th January 2019

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By: Angie Davies

Small business, big heart

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, why not take the time to think about how much you love your business? Are you a small business with a big heart? If so, read on. Every business owner should have a passion for their business to give it the best possible chance of survival.

February is a good time to think about how attractive your customer service is and how you relate to prospective buyers. Your customers are at the heart of your product and So-Occasion believes that their needs are important. By being happy and wearing a smile on your face, customers will love your enthusiasm. It is important to be open with your advice and get your customers on your side. Because you care, they will too.

Be prepared to give your business some loving attention. Think about the notices that you are displaying. Check regularly for out of date posters and renew them regularly. Nothing puts a prospective buyer off more than scruffy signs or expired posters. Do the same with your website. Keep pages fresh and fun!

Your social media, too, should be warm, thoughtful and bright with your colours vibrant and styled to your branding. Keep the tone friendly and apt, but also keep it concise.

If you are in a front facing position, always attend to a customer immediately with a friendly welcome and that all-important smile. Make sure you exude confidence and be really happy that they want to do business with your company.

Your telephone manner and tone is extremely important. Smile whilst answering the telephone as this is easily picked up by the caller and is reassuring. If your business relies on an answering service, make sure that it is answered efficiently and with up to date information. Again, cheery messages are preferable.

Do reply to emails promptly or, if you cannot, give a reason for the delayed response. Your email text should be spell-checked and include perfect grammar. Again, these should be sparkly and vibrant. Remember that call to action to encourage further commitment.

If you have a meeting to attend, make sure that you turn up if you have promised to. Always be punctual. When attending a conference, avoid talking over the speaker.

So, have you forgotten something? Try to go the extra mile to ensure that your visitor receives the best possible customer service. This Valentine’s Day, think about your business, wherever you are in the country. Nurture it and give it room to blossom. Even if you are a small business, make sure that you have the biggest heart.

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