Leading your business from a place of love

Posted: 8th January 2019

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By: Karen Pearson

Leading your business from a place of love

Leading your business from a place of love

A New Year is a great time to reflect on where you are with your business. I have definitely been doing a lot of reflecting over the last few weeks and have really loved the process.

A great question I have asked myself is “Are you still loving what you do, or do you get that Monday dread on a Sunday?”

When we first start our businesses, we have that excitement and passion with that new idea, we really want to make it happen don’t we?

We have that wonderful vision of what having our own business is going to be like. We feel that warmth in our hearts and stomachs, and we are filled with optimism. We are in a flow.

However, we can easily slip into a place of fear where we start to focus more on setting goals, actions and outcomes. That tends to then lead to focusing on all the goals, actions and outcomes we haven’t done yet, turning into one big roller coaster ride.

We start comparing ourselves to others and our inner voice starts to kick in and judgement becomes our best friend. Does this sound familiar?

Is anyone feeling this way going into 2019? If you are a good starting point is to go back to that place when you first started out.

The key here is to ensure you have a great vision to anchor to that you are able to focus on at the moments when you start to feel that overwhelm at all the things you haven’t yet achieved.

When we have a great vision, a vision we really believe in and have faith in, a vision we can shut our eyes and see, feel, taste what it is, we can easily keep this with us and keep coming back to it when our faithful friend judgement starts knocking.

Its important though that when we have that vision, we have flexibility on how we can achieve it and not attach ourselves to a certain set of actions and goals. We need to in some respect let go of what the journey needs to look like and have more faith in our intuition knowing what actions and opportunities will be right for us at that time.

As long as we have belief that our vision will happen in one way or another and we are passionate about what this is, we need to trust that the right path will open up for us.

A great book I read over the festive period is Gabby Berstein – The Universe has your back. This was recommended by my accountant Anna Goodwin and I would recommend it to you. Gabby states “we must learn to give up goals and embrace hope and faith” which I found very powerful.

I would say it’s worth spending some quiet reflective time at the start of this year to revisit your vision of your business, so you can then identify actions and opportunities from a place of love and passion rather than a place of fear.

What is then useful is to create a daily practice that you can remind yourself of your vision to keep it alive and remain in love with it. This could be a 5-minute meditation to start the day, writing in a journal, creating a vision board, going for a run or listening to a favourite piece of music – what ever will get you in that zone and into a place of love.

What is important is to keep some time back in your day where you can devote to what is thriving and going well in your life. This then helps you move away from a mindset of what isn’t going well or what you don’t have so you go into a striving, fearful mode.

I do believe that if you can lead your business from a place of love rather than a place of fear, 2019 will be the most exciting and vibrant year yet.

Best wishes for the year ahead and please feel free to contact me if you would like support in revitalising your vision for your business.