WIRE Member Sabrina Zeif is on a mission to demystify the midlife hormonal upheaval

Posted: 17th October 2018

WIRE Member Sabrina Zeif is on a mission to demystify the midlife hormonal upheaval

Demystifying the Midlife Hormonal Upheaval on World Menopause Day

A WiRE member is on a mission to demystify the midlife hormonal upheaval that many women suffer and help them understand what they can do to help themselves.

Sabrina Zeif, the UK’s first Menopause Chef, has organised the inaugural Shropshire Menopause Meetup to coincide with World Menopause Day on Thursday, 18 October 2018 from 19:00 – 21:00.

She said: “Many women don’t understand that fatigue, anxiety, weight gain, brain fog and mood swings are all symptoms of the perimenopause which starts in your 40’s.

“I want to take the mystery and fear out of the hormonal changes that confront all women. I believe menopause goes better with laughter, friendship and support so I’ve organised a get together so we can talk about what’s happening, laugh, swap stories, meet some fabulous ladies, gain knowledge and have a good time.”

The British Menopause Society (BMS), 2017 survey highlighted the impact of the menopause on every aspect of women’s lives in the UK. Three-quarters of women said that the menopause caused them to change their lives and over half said it had a negative impact on their lives. It also impacts on family life and the workplace.

The findings reveal the need for greater support for women experiencing the menopause across the UK which is why Sabrina has set up the Global Menopause Chef Community Group on Facebook and regularly gives talks with diet, cooking and lifestyle tips.

She continued: “I hope to make the Menopause Meetup group a regular event and encourage more women to set up support groups across the country for women to discuss their symptoms, stories and concerns about going through perimenopause and menopause.

The menopause is not an old woman’s thing; it can potentially affect everyone, we need to break the taboo and start talking menopause.”

The free event, which is at The Loopy Shrew, Bellstone, Shrewsbury, will include an introduction from Sabrina and an informal Q & A with Naomi Langford-Archer a Nutritional Therapist covering diet, lifestyle and supplements. Tickets are available from EventBrite.

Sabrina Zeif is changing the face of cooking, education, training and community support for menopause. She is the Founder of Kitchen Thyme and is a well-known chef and food judge and has her own series on Simply Good Food TV.

In 2018 her business focus changed to Menopause, and she is now known as The Menopause Chef. Sabrina draws on years of experience as a chef and a healthcare professional to create exciting recipes, demonstrations and training for menopausal women. She has built a vital multicultural online global community of women that focuses on all things menopause that’s fierce, funny and highly inclusive.



To mark World Menopause Day in London, Sabrina has been asked to join an empowering female-only menopause expert ‘roundtable’ event at Become’s Menopause Workshop. She’s also on the judging panel for the inaugural Spotlight Awards by @livebetterwithmenopause.


World Menopause Day is an annual campaign to raise awareness of midlife women’s health after menopause. After menopause, it is not uncommon for women to experience problems which can severely impair their relationships, mental health, social functioning and overall quality of life. This campaign aims to show that it is treatable.

For further information or an interview, please contact Sabrina Zeif, The Menopause Chef on sabrina@themenopausechef.com Tel: 07855 341 516