Writing Skills For Coaches (Which Do Your Marketing For You)

Posted: 20th August 2018

Writing Skills For Coaches (Which Do Your Marketing For You)


I’ve a new, quite niche course on Udemy and here’s why I made it.

While being hugely enthusiastic about stuff that rocks my boat, I don’t like being pushy. With a puritanical Welsh upbringing, it wasn’t done to boast. So when I started my coaching company Voiceworks I had an enormous piece of luck, in that one of my very first clients had a publishing contract and she felt our rapport was such, that I should co-write her book. Before I realized it, I had a career as an author – and one which would do all the marketing my company required, through publisher organized book promotion and media exposure.

Now quite a few friends here are coaches and I know them to be articulate, interesting, creative and excellent communicators. But yet not one of them uses writing to share why and how they coach and to promote their work. It may be that word-of-mouth recommendations for what they do are so strong, they don’t need to write… but I remain to be convinced of this. Even a modest stream of writing – one blog post a month say – would create such value in terms of testimony to credibility and evidence of authority.

So this course which is highly interactive, with lots of quick and accessible formats for coaches, to get the writing flowing out of you…It puts writing at the heart of your coaching business planning too, in order to make marketing painfree… or at least a lot less painful.

If you try it, I look forward to speaking with you on Udemy’s platform and working with you, to grow your coaching practice. You can view the course here: https://www.udemy.com/writing-skills-for-coaches/