Goodness gracious, great balls of goodness!

Posted: 13th August 2018

Goodness gracious, great balls of goodness!

Derbyshire Doves Co-Leader, Victoria Prince wears two hats nowadays.

Alongside her Freelance Marketing Consultancy, she’s launched a healthy snack business. Here’s a Q&A to delve deeper into what it’s all about…

Tell us about the new business:
We design and sell Energy Ball Recipe Kits, so anyone can make these healthy snacks at home, without having to go and buy special ingredients like spirulina, or cacao nibs!

The kits can be bought on a monthly subscription, or as a one off gift box purchase.

What is your business’s USP?
Everything is in the kit, even the wet ingredients, ready to make 30 energy balls in 10 minutes.

The idea of making 30 energy balls is that there’s enough for 1 a day, to boost good fats and nutrition.

We’re Vegan Friendly, all packaging is plant-based, compostable and recyclable.

What led you to start up the business?
I was looking for healthy alternatives to chocolate, so I started to make energy balls (or protein balls, bliss balls, power balls as they are also known as) and the fascination grew, experimenting with flavours, textures, savoury, sweet and giving them away as gifts.

There are kits out there for meals, such as Hello Fresh and Gousto, and there are snack subscription kits, like Graze, but this sits in the middle. No-one else is doing this yet!

What did you do before?
After graduating from Nottingham Trent Uni (BA Design Management for the Creative Industries) I worked at Thorntons in their online marketing department, arranging chocolate photography shoots, brochure design and print, email and affiliate marketing.

I also started up and ran a coffee shop and a deli, in Surrey, gathering 2 awards along the way, for New Business of the Year (Surrey) and Ethical and Sustainable Retailer of the Year (UK).

I currently Mentor at the Nottingham Trent Uni Business School alongside my freelance marketing.

What are your aims for the business? is currently in start up-phase, it’s listed on crowdfunding website Kickstarter, with orders from the UK, Netherlands, America, Canada even an enquiry from Australia to buy a PDF of my recipe book rather than the box (which I don’t have yet!)

Initially, the first goal is to sell 100 boxes a month comfortably, this should be achieved by Christmas. By next July it should have reached 500 per month and once there are 5000 boxes per month heading out the door, I’ll have a real sense of achievement!

What challenges do you anticipate?
Exporting food is an area I’m unfamiliar with, and welcome any advice from Wire Members!

Who has helped you to get the business started?
There are a dozen freelancers behind the business. These are in Web Development, Photography, Videography, Food Blogging, Social Media, Illustration, Product Development, Legal Support, PR, Email Marketing, Research and Event Management.

Did you need training or need to learn any new skills to get going?
Luckily, as a Freelance Marketing Consultant, I’m constantly working with small businesses, helping them to grow, so there were no gaps in that training.

However, since focusing on the transparency of ingredients, how they affect the body and mind, and the science behind what we eat, I’m looking for a course to train as a Nutritional Therapist, to gain the knowledge when designing future product ranges under the Energy Ball Recipe brand.

Where can I find out more?