Curious Fox Company finalists for awards at both Nursery World and Teach Early Years

Posted: 3rd July 2018

The Curious Fox Company are eagerly awaiting further news after learning their Early Scribbles Role Play Boxes have proudly become finalists for both the prestigious Nursery World Awards 2018 and Early Years Excellence 2018. Fingers are crossed for the final results announced later this month.

The Early Scribbles Role Play Boxes are designed to encourage writing for a purpose. Since play is the key way in which children learn to develop mark making and early writing skills, as well as learning new ways to communicate. Girls tend to show an interest more quickly than boys, therefore activities that encourage writing like managing a garden centre, building site, or on an adventure expedition appeals to boys more readily especially if they have the tools to hand and a purpose. Encouraging positive attitudes early on helps children understand why learning to write is important as a life skill.

The Curious Fox Company have designed six separate boxes on themes from Pirate, Medic to Gardener and Builder. Each box was created to support our award winning writing belt and contains a supportive guidance card packed with ideas for adults to make the most of opportunities for writing.

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