Managing the pain of Fibromyalgia to set up a new Business

Posted: 1st May 2018

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By: Sarah Stanyer

Managing the pain of Fibromyalgia to set up a new Business

My Journey- I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2015. After battling osteoarthritis  from the age of 12, resulting in half a knee replacement at the tender age of 44. Spending the majority of my life trying to survive through depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, IBS and  sleep issues. On one hand it was a huge relief to hear that I was not going mad! but how was I going to cope? Fibromyalgia causes widespread chronic muscle pain and fatigue, it affects 1 in 20 and mainly women over the age of 30. So the chances are you know someone that has this. In 2016 I had over 140 days of chronic pain and fatigue, affecting my quality of life and my families.

My oldest daughter, Amy has sever learning disabilities, Autism, dyspraxia and apraxia, she needed me, so through gritted teeth I had to keep going for her.

I then stumbled across Access Consciousness Bars Therapy, a very relaxing gently therapy touching points on your head,  that relate to different areas of your life, from creating ore calm, removing the chatter in your head, to healing and more!

My first experience made me feel lighter, a sense of space in my head and less pain, giving me more energy, and created calm.  It had such a huge impact in transforming my life, I trained as a facilitator, first to improve my wellbeing, but then to form the basis of my business Be a Happier You, after being made redundant from Shell after 16 years. I offer a range of alternative therapies and have just taken on Tropic, 100% natural vegan products which I add into my non surgical facelifts.  Access consciousness Bars therapy has also created calm for Amy, my oldest daughter who has severe learning disabilities and autism, improving her wellbeing and her challenging behaviour. I now design workshops, offer relaxation classes, do talks, run pamper parties and have built up a lovely client base offering 1:1 sessions. I still have to be careful and balance things, as I never know if I will have  a flare up, but now I have a whole tool box of things from Access that help.  I am very grateful to be where I am.