Dream Big Work Smart – Free Introductory Masterclass

Posted: 30th April 2018

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By: Mandy Green

Dream Big Work Smart – Free Introductory Masterclass

Free Introductory Masterclass

Self-Leadership for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs West Midlands area

Announcing the first of our self-leadership series of FREE half-day masterclasses in Herefordshire.  Coming in June and October 2018.

You are the key resource within your business.  Forgetting to pay attention to yourself is like trying to chop down trees with a blunt axe – you can do it but it takes a lot of time and energy!  This series of workshops is aimed at local business leaders and entrepreneurs who need to step back for a short time to sharpen that axe.  This is self-leadership; intentionally influencing your own thinking, feeling, approaches and behaviours to progress your business more effectively.

Masterclass 1 Mindset for Success

 (14th June 2018.  09:30-13:00 / Cider Museum, Hereford)

What exactly is a mindset for success? This highly practical workshop helps you to build self-awareness and identify and manage the obstacles that get in the way of reaching your goals. The workshop focuses on:

  • Developing positive beliefs,
  • Building resilience
  • Understanding confidence
  • Priority and attention management

Attendees will leave with a range of accessible tools and techniques and a workable action plan to contribute to on-going ‘self-leadership’.

Who are we?

Mandy Green from Green Training & Development Ltd. and Miles Huckle from Annovista Ltd. are highly experienced and successful business trainers, facilitators and coaches working nationally and internationally but based in Herefordshire.  We are working in partnership because we passionately believe that our local business community has much to offer and we want to contribute to the commercial and social success of our own locality by bringing our expertise closer to home.  Our aim is to build a community of self-supporting business leaders, particularly of SMEs throughout the West Midlands

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