March Offer – Egyptian Sekham Therapy

Posted: 2nd March 2018

March Offer – Egyptian Sekham Therapy

Everyone’s experience of Egyptian Sekhem is slightly different. It can be inspirational, healing and sometimes profoundly spiritual. Said to be more powerful than Reiki, Sekhem can also be one of the most relaxing complementary therapies. Jane Kubiesa describes her Egyptian Sekhem treatment with Annie Day at Heaven Scent Bliss in Stafford.

“Egyptian Sekhem is prized as the healing system of unconditional love, passed down from Ancient Egypt. But it should perhaps be rebranded as the treatment of unconditional relaxation if my time with Egyptian Sekhem healer, Annie Day, is anything to go by.

Annie first added Sirius essence to her hands and placed them on my feet and ankles – and the effect was instantaneous. A sensation of heat developed wherever she laid her hands, working her way along my body until she reached the top of my head. And whether Annie’s hands were actually touching me or a few inches away, the same sensation of heat still occurred.

Any part of my body which had already been exposed to the treatment became incredibly relaxed during this hour-long delight, almost to the point of numbness. The areas of my body yet to be treated just in front of Annie’s hands experienced a strange, almost uncomfortable tension. This band of tension rolled along my body ahead of Annie’s healing hands and eventually seemed to be pushed out through the top of my skull.

A very unusual experience, but the most relaxing treatment I’ve ever had. Sekhem is said to work on the physical, emotional and earthy areas of your life, and it certainly delivers.”

A one-hour Egyptian Sekhem treatment with Annie Day at Heaven Scent Bliss costs £45. For more information about Egyptian Sekhem and what happens during a treatment, visit

To book your treatment, contact Annie on 07869 123065 or contact her here.