Snowy Picture Featured In The Shropshire Star

Posted: 9th January 2018

By: WiRE Team

Snowy Picture Featured In The Shropshire Star

Tina Corfield from Tina Corfield Photography was delighted to have her photograph in the local press

The recent snowfall in December probably caused many problems for small businesses, especially rural areas, but as a photographer, a decent fall of snow is like a dream!

In Shropshire we had about a foot of snow, so I took the opportunity to wrap up, pull on my long boots and head out to some of my favourite local beauty spots, the source of many of my photographs. As I pulled my car up (luckily a four wheel drive!), the snow began falling heavily and one thing I noticed, was just how quiet it was.

The birds stopped tweeting, cars were few and far between, and people had retreated to the comfort of their warm homes.

Schools began closing, much to the delight of excited children, and secretly excited teachers too! I managed to capture some lovely images as the snow was coming down, but then had to return to parental duties of collecting from school, making rounds of hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows and cream and finding it hard to choose between looking dreamily out of the window or indulging in a Christmas film.

This was my idea of heaven, I must admit! The next day, I headed out again and took this photograph of our local landmark, The Wrekin, seen through a glass ball, a recent toy I purchased to play with and I posted it on social media with the title – The Wrekin In A Snowglobe’.

It was very popular on social media, and it wasn’t before long that the Shropshire Star, reposted my photograph, and credited me. I felt so flattered, and I think it will become one of my favourite snow scenes from last year and I certainly wont have to think too hard about next years Christmas card!