Teen Direct career coaches 2018 Events

Posted: 4th December 2017

Teen Direct career coaches 2018 Events

Eva Harrison and her team of Teen Direct career coaches, know the important role that parents play in helping their teenagers choose their future career. Here is the team’s advice to follow when having those important conversations:

Be encouraging. This will boost your teen’s confidence and excitement about their future.

Remain positive. Career decisions can seem scary and overwhelming – especially when you are 16 or 17.

Don’t start with no. Encourage them to gather information on their dream career ideas to reach their own conclusions. If you shoot down their ideas, it is the fastest way to shut them down.

To read more advice see the website HERE

There are a couple of Teen Direct career workshops taking place in 2018 too.

If you know someone who needs support getting ready for their career but they can’t attend the workshops, the Set Your Career Compass coaching,  can also be delivered on a 1-2-1 basis, face to face or via Skype, by a experienced and professional career coach.

For more information, contact Eva on 07901 517012 or email info@teendirect.biz