New Photography Business Launched

Posted: 4th December 2017

Having been made redundant several years ago and trying various ‘creative’ things, I finally took the plunge and set up my own photography business! I am self taught, although I do attend locally run workshops in Shropshire to improve my skills. I am focusing at the moment on producing creative photo’s and digital art of local landscapes and nature and selling them as canvasses prints and cards. I use local businesses where possible to provide me with the materials I need to create the finished products, but the rest is down to me to get out there and get creative!

The majority of my photographs are taken in the Shropshire towns and countryside when out walking my dog, Tess, an energetic black Labrador who often photobombs my creations! I have started selling at gift fairs and have exhibition space at 3 galleries currently in Wellington (The Forge), Bridgnorth (The Flying Sausage) and Shrewsbury (The VAN Gallery). In addition, I have now launched my online shop! Its been amazing to have come such a long way from investing in a new camera in September and a wonderful feeling to be now out there, promoting my work and actually getting sales! Yes, I’ve had to invest some money and a lot of time – I would say pretty much working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for a couple of months, whilst juggling domestic chores, childcare, school runs and keeping my other family business (a Landscape business) ticking over in partnership with my husband Robert. I would say that a lack of confidence has been the main reason over the years why I never took the plunge, but once I started getting the most flattering feedback on my photographs, I thought – well maybe I have a talent here – and I’ve got nothing to lose because its my hobby anyway!