Anita joins aromatherapy Board of Directors in America.

Posted: 4th December 2017

Anita joins aromatherapy Board of Directors in America.

Clinical Aromatherapist, Anita James from Derbyshire has another business ‘hat’ to add to her collection this month, after being appointed Vice President of the Board of Directors for the AIA (Alliance of International Aromatherapists) following 16 months as a Board member.

The AIA, based in America, unites Aromatherapists from around the world to advance research and professionalism within the aromatherapy industry.

Alongside this new appointment, Anita wears many other business hats. As owner of Essentially Holistic she is a Practitioner and Teacher of aromatherapy, reflexology and massage therapies, both in person and online around the world. Anita is also a Speaker on the subject of aromatherapy at international conferences. She has recently self-published a book: Aromatherapy in Colour (available to buy directly from Anita) and works within educational settings to help children overcome emotional and behavioural issues.

As the representative for the United Kingdom, Anita’s role on the board will be to bring Education and Continuing Professional Development knowledge to the Board, along with ensuring that the AIA establishes and maintains the trust of its members and the community by being clear in its mission, prudent and ethical in its activities, and accountable for its actions.

Anita is relishing the new challenge and she explains: “I feel that in the role of Vice President I can further support and assist in the AIA’s growth and their vision of moving Aromatherapy forward. I have a good understanding and have worked in many of the roles within which the Members of the AIA use their aromatherapy knowledge and skillset. I would like to see more co-operation and understanding of aromatherapy globally and feel that this is where I could play a role in facilitating conversations. I am happy to take on a challenge and have a passion for Aromatherapy that never fades.”

AIA Board meetings start at 5.30pm in America, which means 11.30pm for Anita. Good job she has lots of revitalising aromatherapy blends to keep her awake for these Skype calls (and calming sleep blends to help her get off to sleep in the early hours.)

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