The outdoor Kitchen present Kotllich cooking

Posted: 21st November 2017

The outdoor Kitchen present Kotllich cooking

We are relaunching The Outdoor Kitchen Kotlich fairly quietly, with out any trumpets or famous chefs, with a totally new look to the web site and a new name. The Trumpets and chefs will come in the spring, hopefully, and the new web site will be running smoothly by then.

We will have more emphasis on recipes that will engage a broad spectrum of adventurers.  The Kotlich is great for glampers, foragers, forest school practitioners, surfers and forest dwellers. We also love people who live in houses and grow their own vegetables so there will be recipes for them as well.

There is a section on my new web site that focuses on Designing your own Outdoor Kitchen. There will be tips and hints to set you off on the right track as you go through your initial thought processes. Spending half an hour chatting through your plans with someone who has designed an outdoor kitchen and made all the mistakes, will save you hours in the end.

We have two new colourful enamel products. A new 22cm enamel plate with a cream top, black rim and red underside. Also a red spotty pot bellied jug in two sizes 1lt and 1.5lts.

We have a special Christmas offer. You can choose how to make up your kotlich kit and get a 10% discount for up to 6 products.

If you can’t think what to get your darling for Christmas, a gift voucher will go towards anything they might choose to buy.

Do share this with any friends who like outdoor cooking  and come and visit my new web site.