Are you in Need of Christmas Calm for you and your Children?

Posted: 29th November 2017

By: WiRE Team

Are you in Need of Christmas Calm for you and your Children?

Balance and Calm Toolkit for Christmas Calm by Romella Jones – available from Amazon

When the word Christmas is uttered for the first time we often all have a shudder down the spine! It’s not just the knowledge that the shops will be heaving with decorations, toys and chocolates or the fact that the children will be bouncing and creating endless wish lists for Santa. The real problem is the time of year it happens!

Hands up for October? Hands up for November? Any takers for September? Any summer takers? Come on own up!

The schools don’t help (especially when kids break up 10 days before the big event). They have to practice plays and carols so we often have those starting in November – winding the children up.

Do we in fact need a countdown advent calendar to the advent calendar itself I wonder sometimes?!!

Then think of the choices of toys, games and presents that children are tempted with. Plus the food, the drink, the tins of sweets, the chocolates and endless party food! The visiting relatives and on….

All the “shoulds” come into play as well – should go and see Santa, should see this relative, should buy x a present, should write 150 billion cards and post them, should, should, should….

It’s no wonder we begin to dread the C word being uttered. The stress it creates in our minds, emotions and bodies is palpable from its first utterance. It rarely disappears until “the” family events are over and you can crash at home under a sea of plastic toys with a nice sherry.

So this book is written with love to offer some support over this special time of year. A collation of things to do inside and out to occupy the family before the big day (without costing a fortune!), plus tools and tips to bring calm to points of the day and bedtime (although I can’t guarantee that they will work to help them sleep on Christmas Eve!).

From my festive heart to yours, remember only a few things are important:

Presence is what kids need – they need you, you physically and mentally with them – the toy they crave won’t last as long as the memory of cuddles and fun with you.

A tradition or memory can be as simple as making paper snowflakes, it doesn’t have to be a trip to Lapland. It’s something you do together, regularly every year.

As your children grow older your relationship to Christmas will change. The sea of plastic and wrapping paper and 3am wakes will end. So enjoy the moment you have with your child now – for it truly is the only present you need.

Take a photo everyday, as Christmas is more than just one day – especially with young children. Save your memories for them to remember in the future. Come and share on my Facebook page

Enjoy your present Christmas, and if this book helps I’m even happier

Balance and Calm Toolkit for Christmas Calm by Romella Jones – available from Amazon