Kent WiRE News – Leadership Changes

Posted: 29th November 2017

Kent WiRE News – Leadership Changes

Hello fellow WiRE members,

did you know that, in the South, WiRE is heating up?  We have 2 groups in Kent now, and several in our neighbouring county Sussex.  We would love to welcome more leaders so Kent can expand to the coastal areas…so if you have a connection there, do send them our way for a chat.

This year one of our co-leaders Barbara Baker is stepping down from the leader role to become our joint Treasurer with Jenny Solomon who has been holding the purse strings singlehandedly whilst working, renovating and also studying.  We are so grateful to Barbara for all her work in meetings and behind the scenes to move our band forwards and delighted that she will continue to be with us when her business permits.  Barbara has been so organised and as well as chairing alternate meetings has managed the administration, updating head office and organising speakers.  No wonder she is moving her own business to a new level with a brand new launch.  Her new enterprise is called Evolution People Ltd and we wish her continued success as she builds this enterprise.

We are hugely delighted to welcome Sue Gofton to join Fiona Blackmore as co-leader.  Sue has a wealth of experience with people with several strings to her bow.  Her latest role is as a Celebrant.  Sue is so calming and friendly it’s easy to imagine her in control of any special event, such as a marriage, or naming ceremony.   It would be lovely to have her to officiate.   These skills will be fabulous in her WiRE leader role.

We welcome also Sharne Battenhausen who has stepped seamlessly into the administration shoes for this group and has really brought us into the 21st century with improved Facebook rules and other protections in place.   Sharne’s skills are well established as her business, Admin by Sharne, is all about creating systems which help your business to work.   We are truly fortunate to have Sharne on our team.

Our venue changed this year, and we are enjoying the space and easy parking provided at The Moody Mare, Mereworth.  The food is good too, as we will shortly enjoy our Festive end of year celebratory lunch there.

Thank you to the Head Office team for all their hard work keeping everything going through the year.  We love all the sharing which goes on through the website.

Thank you to all our Kent members for their support and shared wisdoms in 2017, and to our speakers who have motivated, inspired and educated us this year.   Wishing them both and future members every good health, happiness and success for 2018.

Go forth and prosper!  The power of networking is huge!

Fiona Blackmore (co-leader Kent WiRE)