How WiRE helped me

Posted: 15th November 2017

Anne Rogers Photo

By: Anne Rogers

How WiRE helped me

I was on holiday in France when I received a call on my mobile phone – the caller’s phone number meant nothing to me.

“Hello”, said Barbara, “I understand you are a Virtual PA and I believe we may need you to help in our business.”

Having picked myself off the floor, I answered rather unprofessionally “well, yes”!

Barbara went on to describe her professional business, which was miles away from me, in the Worcestershire countryside.  I was immediately drawn to the “The Job” before I even new the details!

Once I started to focus she told me a bit about what they required.  Transcription from voice files, word processing, editing, data entry, typing from pdf to Word.

It was absolutely what I loved doing.

I then asked her where she had got my details from.  You got it  – “The WiRE website Directory”.

She asked me to send her my terms and conditions and said she would be in touch after a staff meeting, the following week.

Well – Barbara came back to me and asked me to visit the office, which I did.  It was a beautiful day in wonderful countryside.

A week later, I was taken on and have been having great fun ever since!  Let’s face it WiRE had turned up trumps for me!  Thank you WiRE.