Caplor Wins Eco-Friendly Business of the Year Award

Posted: 27th November 2017

WiRE Team Photo

By: WiRE Team

Caplor Wins Eco-Friendly Business of the Year Award

The Herefordshire Business Awards were launched in July by Herefordshire Means Business, and WiRE Members Mel and Kirsty from Caplor are very proud to have been recently crowned as the Eco-Friendly Business of the Year. With a couple of worthy rivals vying for the prize, Caplor is honoured to emerge with the win, thanks to Caplor’s dedication to providing the best service possible in the renewable energy sector.

The Caplor team fully intend to do the award justice by continuing to provide some of the best green energy solutions for both domestic and commercial usage. The renewable energy options for entire communities will also continue to expand, while the same high standard of customer service will always be available to our clients and anyone else seeking information about renewable energy technology.