Why not invest in some handmade happiness and take more time to do less? – Saloukee launches all new wellness product online

Posted: 23rd October 2017

Why not invest in some handmade happiness and take more time to do less? – Saloukee launches all new wellness product online

Gathering a group of friends for an evening of relaxation and creativity has the most restorative effect on the soul. We should all take more time to do less, says Saloukee.

Welcome to Saloukee Home  The ultimate nostalgic comfort evening, complete with your own Saloukee necklace to make, wear, take home and cherish.

How many of us are fully present in our own worlds? Most of us are aware of the actions we should take but often prioritise other more pressing things, involving the needs of others.

Last summer (after fulfilling a large order for U.S retail giant Anthropologie), Saloukee jewellery designer Sarah Kelly felt disconnected – trapped behind technology in an idyllic yet isolated, rural location. She wanted a way to reconnect.

After undertaking six-months of yoga and mindfulness, and drawing on her time spent running workshops, writing her jewellery book and lecturing, she conjured up an idea – to share her passion for making jewellery and the sense of calm it brings, without compromising her new found slow living beliefs.

The idea was simple, as all good things are. A box – delivered to a self-nominated host, containing all the items needed for a self-care evening retreat. Hosts could invite friends to join in, persuading them to take more time, to do less.

And so, ‘Saloukee Home’ was born. Sarah gathered groups of friends for evenings in, allowing them to unplug from the world and reconnect with their values. Sitting cosily by the fire, appreciating life’s little things. The ultimate nostalgic comfort, and come the end of the night, attendees felt relaxed and reconnected, with their own Saloukee necklace to wear, take home and cherish.

“It’s so easy to get busy but it takes conscious effort to slow down. I hope my Saloukee Home boxes might persuade others to take the time for some handmade happiness.”

 – Sarah Kelly, Saloukee Founder

Saloukee Home boxes are available to purchase online at Saloukee.com. Prices from £35 pp. with 4-8 persons recommended per evening.

Inside the Saloukee Home shopper bag, you will find:

* A personalised host’s welcome card with top tips on what to expect from the evening and how best to prepare in advance.

* A set of no fuss, wintry recipe cards including instructions for a warming drink, a comforting main and an indulgent dessert.

* Jewellery kits, including all materials for each guest to make a necklace, (rrp £65) plus an instruction booklet and tips on how to continue their calm at home.

* A recommended hygge inspired playlist with 6 hours’ worth of inspirational background music to set a relaxing mood.


Website: https://saloukee.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saloukee/

Contact: Sarah Kelly: sarah@saloukee.com


Home location courtesy of fellow WiRE member Emma Cantillion – The Annex at Lees Farm: https://www.thebarnatleesfarm.com

Recipes devised by Wild Shropshire Chef James Sherwin: https://www.wildshropshire.net

Graphic design and photography by Author Studios: http://authorstudios.co.uk/