Nativity Christmas Cards – still available

Posted: 23rd October 2017

Nativity Christmas Cards – still available

Charlotte Carver of The Little Leather Box Company is backing a bespoke CHRISTMAS CARD project this Autumn.

If you too love a classic nativity scene (and Elgar) why not take a look at this card project?

All proceeds are going towards organ repairs at the church where Sir Edward is buried.

“… They are wonderful. Simple, elegant, tasteful…” – TPC, Illinois.

More than 75% of the stained glass Nativity Christmas Cards are on their way now to help people keep in touch with old friends across the world!

Charlotte was featured recently on BBC Hereford & Worcester, Sunday Breakfast 12th November – “Discover the story behind the instrument played by Elgar, saved by stained glass!” (starts at 1:53:03 and lasts 9 minutes)

There is a dedicated Facebook page, featuring Nicholson & Co. Ltd restoring the organ in Malvern which was created by fellow WiRe Member Esther Partridge-Warner who’s been helping with the project. Do have a look at all the wonderful images HERE 

For more information visit and please pass it on.