Derbyshire Doves in the News

Posted: 16th October 2017

By: WiRE Team

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Lindsay Trevarthen is Co-Network Leader for WiRE Derbyshire Doves. She said, “When I took over as network leader a couple of years ago, I had the idea of creating something unique to our local network and as Sue Prince, our local folk artist is a WiRE Doves member, we asked her if she would produce a banner for us.

She collected ideas from all the members of the group and put them together for us to paint at one of our monthly meetings.  We had great fun on the night, and after Sue had finessed it, she presented it to us at our summer meeting.  We were so delighted with the finished artwork that we decided to recreate it for real at the famous Stepping Stones in Dovedale.  The photograph was taken by a local professional photographer, Brett Trafford, whose wife and business partner Carolyn is Network Leader for WiRE Leek and the Moorlands and WiRE Doves regular.

The folk art banner, or bonad, now hangs in Betty’s Sewing Box in Ashbourne, which is the business of Jackie Howard, another WiRE Doves member.  I’ve been a bit tardy in using the items for PR purposes, but finally got it sorted and our local newspaper eventually published it on its business page, though sadly only on the day of our first meeting of the new season.  Nevertheless we’re pleased with the coverage, which has had a positive response.”