When you have ‘crazy busy’ days back-to-back

Posted: 20th September 2017

When you have ‘crazy busy’ days back-to-back

Last week and the week before were pretty hectic, so I wrote a blog to note down all the wonderful things which happened – called The Last 10 Crazy Days.

In a nutshell:

  • I became an Alumni Fellow at Nottingham Trent Business School
  • I ran a photoshoot for 5 WiRE ladies (and myself)
  • I hosted a charity event for 80 people with a fabulous singer from London for The Dignity Project (WiRE’s 2017 Conference Charity)
  • I supported my Mum in her charity calendar
  • I met up with Lindsay Trevarthen and Vicky Fox to discuss the upcoming Wire Doves events
  • I won a new client (yay!) and a Facebook prize (yes it really happens!)
  • I became more organic aware as it’s September, the Soil Association’s month!

How has your September started?