Posted: 4th September 2017


What are they I hear your ask, well some of you may be.

In case you are not aware the Food Assembly (FA) movement first started in France with the first one opening in England 2014, and there are now over 900 not just here and in France but also Belgium, Spain Germany and Italy.

The FA’s bring together people to buy fresh food locally direct from farmers and local food makers.  By shopping once a week online (the same as many of us do with supermarkets) your items are then delivered  to your collection point.

Where you ideally also get to meet not only the producer (this isn’t always feasible but is one of the main philosophies behind the movement) but also your neighbours.

By selling through the FA producers receive over 80% for every product sold compared to the 15% – 25% that most supermarkets offer them, and this money will stay in and help support the local economy, with most producers being on average within 28 miles of the assemblies they supply (the maximum a distance a producer can be from an assembly is 150 miles).

I’m currently setting up the one for Lichfield which needs 150 members to sign up before we can launch, if doesn’t cost you anything to sign up and you get to  choose from a wide range of local products: fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese, meat, beer and much more… it is up to you how much you buy and how often!