Women Can Sell! Workshop

Posted: 17th July 2017

By: WiRE Team

Join WiRE Member Jan Cavelle for this workshop in Cambridge which will help increase your sales confidence – Women Can Sell!

If you hate selling or find it difficult to get sales or just want more sales, this half day sales training workshop could be the best investment you make.

The morning will start with an in depth look at the things that hold women back when it comes to sales and blow some of the myths about selling out of the water. We will also work on self-confidence, which many women find difficult. We will work on money blocks that make negotiating, pricing and value so hard.

The last part of the morning will cover how a sales funnel works and more to persuasive sales techniques, and understanding how sales works, trying out negotiating and finally some simple closing techniques that will take away all the fear of closing

Because these workshops are always held in small groups, the content can include advice on individual challenges that delegates face.

If you would like to get rid of the fear and increase your sales, this is the morning for you. Book Here.