Speed Networking with hilarious results

Posted: 17th July 2017

Speed Networking with hilarious results

WiRE for Coventry and Warwickshire just had a fantastically informative (and fun!) Speed Networking Meeting at The Tuning Fork restaurant/event centre, in the new town being created just east of Rugby, called Houlton.

We had 17 people present and sat in rows each side of long tables and each attendee had 2 minutes to talk to the person opposite. We then all moved on one seat.

You may say, “but I know about all the other WiRE members!” However, I did not as I found out. Most of us are progressing all the time, and new members/attendees need to showcase themselves to as many people as possible. I had plenty of news to relay to others about setting up Mailchimp newsletters for clients, and two other members had new websites and one was using new software to run her business.

Philippa, Wendy and Penny our leaders, had great fun shouting to us above the talk, to encourage us to move on after 4 minutes. Finally we all jumped to attention and moved on!

Informal networking started the event and coffee and cake at the end finished the whole exciting experience!

A superb example of what WiRE can do for YOU – and tremendous fun in the process.