Shropshire Hills Art Week needs YOU!

Posted: 5th July 2017

Jules McRobbie Photo

By: Jules McRobbie

Shropshire Hills Art Week needs YOU!

Shropshire Hills Art Week 2017 has just ended and it was a real success!

  • Visitor figures and sales were up again in 2017 for the fourth year running. We recorded over 4400 visits, and sold close to £40,000 of art!
  • The number of visitors who came from outside the area and stayed locally was up
  • The number of people who chose to visit and stay in Shropshire during Shropshire Hills Art Week specifically was up
  • Artist satisfaction is increasing year on year, and was its highest ever this year
  • The number of artists requesting information in the immediate aftermath of the 2017 event for participating in 2018 is up
  • Participation and engagement with the Shropshire Hills Art Week is increasing year on year
  • And more other local businesses are benefiting from Art Week-related sales, whether it’s bed and breakfast, or pub lunches, tea and cakes, or gift shops

BUT – In order to thrive and develop, SHAW needs financial support. If you or your company is interested in helping with sponsorship or advertising, please email me and we can discuss the options for either one-off or longer term sponsorship.