Curious Fox wins national award from Teach Early Years magazine

Posted: 17th July 2017

Curious Fox wins national award from Teach Early Years magazine

basket babyCurious Fox Company provides collections of (mainly natural) resources for early years children (both nurseries and home market). We are really proud to have been finalists in the UnderTwos category of the Teach Early Years magazine’s Excellence Awards. our Writing Belts; which support children, (especially boys) with their early steps in writing during play were 4* finalists in the Role Play category.

Says Director Mary Horn:

“We have won an award and we are delighted. A few years ago we were asked to develop a writing belt which would hold the tools needed to mark- make or write during role play. The reason behind this was particularly to support boys’ imaginative play by encouraging them to see writing as part of that play and use it naturally. This provides motivation to write as part of the play and helps them to understand why learning to write is important. Lists, messages, records, orders and adventure maps or pirate treasure can all be incorporated into role play and children see the written word as a natural part of their play. We know that girls tend  to show an interest in writing more quickly than boys, but given a ‘workmanlike tool belt’ with appealing writing stuff in it, helps to encourage early positive attitudes to writing. Statistics show that boys’ writing lags girls’ and boosting the early stages is important.  

“We thank Teach Early Years for setting up the awards and recognising the value of this simple support for encouraging writing when children are outside, exploring, investigating or during role play.”