Bite-sized Squarespace website training that fits into your life

Posted: 10th July 2017

Bite-sized Squarespace website training that fits into your life

Katy Carlisle from The Wheel Exists has just launched a new way to make the most of your Squarespace website. For just £5 per month, members of her Squarespace Club will receive a monthly update with hints, tips and inspiration plus a monthly webinar with a live Q&A session.

You know that “I wish I’d known about that earlier” feeling? Squarespace Club is the earlier. Get ahead of the game with tricks and features you might otherwise miss, and inspiring examples of just what you can achieve.

If you already have a website on Squarespace and you’ve been meaning to work on it, then now is the time to join the club! You’ll receive ideas of simple changes to make that won’t take ages, as well as ways to go into more depth if you’re thinking of refreshing your website’s design.

New to Squarespace? This is the perfect way to get started and make sure you’re getting the most from your site, right from the beginning.

Never heard of Squarespace? It’s a website building tool (a bit like WordPress) that allows you to create lovely modern, professional and mobile friendly websites.

Join Squarespace Club now or contact Katy for more details on 07904 781 573 or