A first for me – #WiREHour host

Posted: 17th July 2017

Angie Davies Photo

By: Angie Davies

I was recently thrilled and privileged to be asked to host #WiREHour on the social media channel Twitter. This was an exciting first for me and I bounced with joy! Sarah of @smacdesignsUK and of @CarmarthenWiRE who usually hosts asked me if I would take over as she was unavailable that evening. A #Hour is a time allocated to connect with other businesses and @WiREUK take this as their cue to operate #WiREHour every Tuesday evening between 6 and 7 p.m. It is for ladies under the Women in Rural Enterprise umbrella to join in some business chat! What could be more fun? Some interesting conversations ensued and some good connections were made. As I have a passion for creating tweets under the character limit of 140, this was a wonderful opportunity.

Have you a passion for anything? Words and phrases, and how they link together, fascinate me and I adore creating wonderful, expressive jaunty tweets especially for small businesses.

I run my business So-Occasion from a beautiful, but shabby-chic cottage in #Dinefwr (note the #hashtag there!) and my idea of joy is creating interesting and quirky tweets suited to any business that would request my help. I gather the information required for the tweets by discussing this with the business concerned, and by looking at their website, their Facebook and Twitter pages. I sit at my desk overlooking a quiet and secluded courtyard thinking up different ways of saying the often mundane. By creating unusual phrases, these can add a dynamic slant to the business. I can also write longer pieces if this is something that is required. The tweets are created for the business but there is the opportunity to change them around or repeat them. The phrases can also be cut and pasted into any other social media strand, provided that they fit the criteria. I like to step away from less interesting words and be really expressive with adjectives that bounce off the screen! I also have a special joy for dreaming up new #hashtags.

I may be a small organisation but my heart is there for other small businesses that I may network with, or meet on my journey through #WomanInBiz #WiRE and other networking strands. My strapline is “Promotions with #zing; words with #panache.”

I think my business is rare in the way that I create tweets, straplines or snippets. I love how words click together like an individually created necklace. Each word has to connect with the next!

If I hear a newbie in social media utter the words “I don’t get Twitter,” my eyes light up and I really want to help. I am poetic and hope that I am an inspiration to anyone who may stumble across my words. I want to be able to make an impact on how micro businesses promote themselves and if I have helped them in any way to get their message across in a quirky and stream-lined way, then I have a happy heart. I have a lively and joyful spirit that will not be quenched.