Weekend Break Wardrobe Essentials

Posted: 22nd May 2017

Weekend Break Wardrobe Essentials

Hi There!

Let’s set the scene here…

…you’ve been talking with your friends for ages about a girly weekend. It is FINALLY happening. A few days in a fab European city with lots of buzz.

You’re going to do culture, shopping, eating and drinking. You’re going to watch the world go by sat by the river in a café drinking too much coffee (or wine!), oh yes you are!

As your trip approaches your mind turns to what you’ll take to wear.

First up – definitely check any luggage allowances and ensure your bag size is accepted by the airline and is easily manoeuvrable.

Check the weather. Unless it is guaranteed wall to wall sunshine – I would take something to keep you warm and dry – light layers are the most versatile. Even being on a plane sometimes can get chilly can’t it?

Here’s the essential items of clothing to take:


  • Lightweight trench coat/mac or blazer/Jacket and umbrella


  • Couple of plain tops – you can always wear more than one of these at a time if it’s a bit cooler than promised!
  • Dressy top for evening – add a bit of sparkle & lipstick you are good to go!
  • Long sleeved top/shirt for layering


  • Jeans (darker denim always looks smarter in my opinion!)
  • Skirt or smart tailored shorts (if it’s windy or you plan to cycle or go up and down lots of stairs – shorts are going to work a lot better!)
  • Dress – something that doesn’t crease easily. I also tend to go for a patterned dress or in a mid tone colour. Anything too light makes me panic about showing spills due to over enthusiastic eating or drinking!


  • Cross body bag or smart rucksack – hands free is always easier.
  • Accessories – dress jewellery so it doesn’t matter so much if it is lost in transit.
  • Scarf or pashmina – hugely versatile and adds warmth and colour when you need it!


  • Smart flats or lightweight brogues or pumps for during the day.
  • Wedges or smart flats for evening – tend to work better on a cobbled street!

Check in your wardrobe and get clear on what you want to take. Are there any gaps? Planning this gives you time to get what you need from the shops.

Want to build a versatile wardrobe that works? I’ll be back in touch with more tips!

Chat soon, Hazel

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