Rise & Shine Life-changing offer for WiRE members

Posted: 24th May 2017

By: WiRE Team

Rise & Shine Life-changing offer for WiRE members

How to Radically Improve your Business Performance and Life in 1/2 an hour Before Breakfast

Rise & Shine   life-changing guided practice that has TRANSFORMED my life and those that have worked with me. It starts LIVE on Facebook on Monday June 5th

  • 50% Discount for ALL WiRE Members. DISCOUNT DEADLINE is JUNE 1st.
  • PLUS: Installment Payment plan available
  • PLUS: Non-monetary exchange system in place
  • PLUS: COMPETITION to win 1 x FREE Rise and Shine place (deadline June 1st).

I did not AT ALL expect the fast turn around that happened. Rachels techniques and talents are life changing and priceless. Highly recommended.Jamie Taylor, WiRE Pembrokeshire

It is possible to transform your business’ bottom line in a matter of weeks. You can learn how to upgrade your mind to do this. You can learn, like me and my clients, how to also experience radical changes in your businesses’ performance along with plenty of side effects: peace of mind, balance, more time, less stress, more flow and more joy.

Rise & Shine starts in the U.K. on Monday June 5th. It is a 1/2 hour guided practice that has transformed my life. It is taught daily live on Facebook at 6a.m. (Monday to Friday) for 6-weeks until the mind’s ability to work at a different level happens automatically, so that you can feel deeply relaxed, spacious, in flow and creative.

Rise and Shine will only run LIVE ONCE in this country in 2017. It is a life-changer. I hope you can join me too.

I am well equipped now with amazing tools to support me and my business. Rachel is a super coach and fantastic facilitator who leads by example! To be honest, I dont think there is the right words to describe how valuable this experience has been to me!” I highly recommend! Jolette Le Roux

Have you ever wondered how some people get all the luck? How some people get the results? How some people make it look easy?

There is something that people ‘like that’ all have in common – people who are successful, think a certain way, speak a certain way and act a certain way. It ALL starts with Mind-set and the GOOD NEWS is, it can be learnt.

Since working with Rachel for the last 12 months, I have less guilt, more awareness that I can make changes, I can ask for whatever I want, I can get whatever I want, boundaries are crucial and I am enough. I have realised that Mindset is everything you can do whatever you want if you believe it. You are in control. Rachel can assist you make big changes in your life too!”  – Sarah Hyde, Carmarthen WiRE co-leader

When our mind-set is working in the right direction for us, almost ANYTHING can be achieved.

When it is not, the mediocre results will show up, again and again. I know!

I got REALLY fed up in December 2016 because I had been hiding my talents. I had made a decision a few years ago to stop growing my coaching business to its full potential until my divorce case was over. Guess what… the divorce case is STILL ongoing! I had NO IDEA it would take so long.

I thought I was protecting myself and my daughter, by reigning in my work, until the divorce procedure was complete. In retrospect, I had made a decision which had the OPPOSITE effect. I became VERY sick.

My digestive system failed. My adrenals failed. My nervous system failed. To top it off, I had a minor cancer scare two years ago. I then lost my home, which I had bought in my own right from my grandfather years ago.

The good news is, I have overcome ALL OF THIS. It started with a NEW DECISION in December 2016 that superseded the old one. I realised, that if I waited for my divorce procedure to finish, I may be inhibited from helping MILLIONS of people around the world. I took a deep breath, and put my money where I felt it would best be placed. That was to invest in support for me and my business and then I jumped. I am SO glad I did, because…

I AM BACK… and NOW I can REALLY help make a difference to anyone who wishes to reach their full potential in their business, their health and happiness – fast.

In 2008, when I was trained by what was the leading coaching company in the world at the time, I was honoured to have the opportunity to be mentored and to work alongside coaches who worked with world leaders such as Richard Branson and the UK Olympic team.

Importantly at this time, I became very aware of my role in this life and I had a vision – a clear vision of why I am here and how I could help humanity.

That vision has now started to unfold since re-focusing on the importance of it and extinguishing the impact of what is still a protracted divorce case.

I am right in the middle of the enfoldment of my vision which started in 2008. It feels exciting and scary which is good, because it is a sign of growth. I KNOW I am on the right track, as my business is leaping forward by the day and I FEEL amazing.

I am outside my comfort zone a lot of the time at the moment. Fortunately, I know what this means. Even more fortunately, I know how to handle and work with it and I am riding the wave.

10% of the world’s top athletes know how to channel their fears and feelings of anxiety. The other 90% do not.

This is really relevant, because when we know how to control and work with our doubts, our fears and our thoughts of inadequacy, it puts us at an advantage in our business and life.

When you know what’s really going on, how for example, the ego likes to keep us safe and to fill our heads with negative thoughts, that can stop us from growing and achieving our best, then we can overcome it, when we know how, literally overnight. This creates massive new options for us. We can change what is happening in our neurology – over night. So that more of the results that we want to show up, do.

“Today I asked to feel lighter inside and wave away anger. I had a few issues crop up, and rather than angry feelings bubbling up I was able to deal with them rationally and with patience. I managed to touch back to the meditation and remember the feeling which really helped. I think anger is lurking underneath after a load of personal stress. I’m coming out the other side now and I feel much better than I was but I really want to be able to disperse it and today felt like a great step. This is awesome. Thank you Rachel” – Jo Balston

It takes 21 days to create or break a habit in the neurology. I have the ability to break habits easily overnight and re-install new ones for myself and with clients.

I become aware of the possibilities when I stopped smoking in 2004 with no withdrawal symptoms after smoking for 13 years; no weight gain; no desire to smoke; just pure joy.

It happened again when I switched my eating habits overnight and automatically seemed to know what to eat, in order to help get my health back on track.

It happened over and over again with clients. A switch can go off as easily as it can be turned on. I know.

Sometimes people ask me how I switch things so easily. I have learned how to help others adopt new habits easily, so that they can also be free of poor habits that impede good performance in all areas of life.

I have had to get over poor habits around charging the true value of the results that my clients receive through working with me. I have realised that I was doing people a disservice in not charging my full fees.

During the 6 months of the coaching programme, I have lost 2 stone and feel much better with myself. My earnings have increased. Stress levels have decreased. Ive managed to pay a lump sum off my mortgage and treated myself to artwork that I would never previously have thought affordable”.  – Sarah Jane Brown, Pembrokeshire WiRE

In March I earned a 5 figure income in 5 days through repeat clients. In April, I earned a 4 figure income in 4 hours through new clients. I can’t tell you how excited I was and GRATEFUL.

This happened overnight, after I realised that in playing small, and keeping me tied to the old story connected with my divorce, that I was being REALLY selfish. Why? Because I was holding back on the level to which I can help others around the world dramatically improve their happiness, health and wealth in a matter of hours, days, weeks.

Working with Rachel, is an investment in personal and business well-being that transcends cost. Pam Messer, WiRE Pembrokeshire Co-Leader

I feel STRONGLY that anyone who is drawn to work with me, but feels unable to meet my full fees should NOT be limited by the money system. This has lead me to find creative ways of working with many people over the years. If this is you, then just contact me by private message and let’s work something out together that meets both our needs.

Rise and Shine 6-Week Programme Investment

Full Upfront Payment £1,110

WiRE 50% Discount Full Upfront Fee: £555

WiRE 50% Discount installment plan: £222 per month for 3 months

Service or Product Exchange: By agreement.

Competition to win a FREE space on the full Rise and Shine programme. The competition is simple. Please request access to my “L.I.F.E. with Rachel” Facebook group and private message me by THURSDAY JUNE 1st:

3 Reasons Why ‘The best thing that I could do this year is choose you’ to win a FREE place on my Rise and Shine 6-week programme. It starts on Monday June 5th.

There is a video pinned to the top of that page where I do guide you through an example of one of one aspect of Rise and Shine. You can do this tomorrow morning to set you up powerfully for the day and understand how impactful and immediately you feel different in just 1/2 an hour.

Here’s a video to introduce myself, my passion for WiRE and three key points that you need to know about that will help you right now

 That’s it. I can’t wait to hear from you. Rachel x