New bar partnership for proms and prosecco in the park.

Posted: 22nd May 2017

New bar partnership for proms and prosecco in the park.

Learn More About, The Estate Boys – Rob & Jed

Here at Fizz HQ we are delighted to announce our partnership with Eccleshall Based, The Estate Boys for our forthcoming Proms & Prosecco In The Park Event at Chetwynd Deer Park.

Get to know the boys by reading there supplier interview below.

What’s your favourite food?

Rob – Thai food (as spicy as possible).

Jed – Curry as hot as they come and covered in salt

Where did you grow up?

Rob – I started life in Essex and moved to Staffordshire at the tender age of 5 years old. I spent the last 10 years living in Manchester, but have recently returned Eccleshall where I grew up!

Jed – Italy, America, Scotland – My dad was in the US navy so we were always on the move …

What’s your favourite childhood memory?

Rob – Playing out with my fellow Estate Boys (our childhood gang) and where the business takes its name from.

Jed – Cold Italian pizza on the Italian beaches

What’s your pet hate?

Rob + Jed – Bad customer service

What job did you want to do when you were a child?

Rob – Movie director

Jed -Superman

Do you have any siblings?

Rob – Yep a younger brother and a sister

Jed – Two sisters

What’s your tipple of choice?

GnT all day long – (both)

What hobbies do you have?

Rob – Unfortunately I just don’t have time for hobbies at the moment – Running The Estate Boys has taken over my life!

Jed – Mountain biking / snowboarding when I can

How did you get into the hospitality industry?

By pure chance, Rob had spent the last 15 years working in large corporations and got sick of the daily politics and and Jed had been running hair salons. Last year we had a meeting of minds and decided to give up the day jobs too start an events and mobile bar company. 12 months later and we have over 50 events booked for this summer alone!

What was the best event you have ever been to?

Rob – The Cirque de la Nuit boat party in ibiza is pretty special…. Try it!

Jed – Secret Social by the estate boys (or Circo Loco @ dc10)

How would you describe Fizz Festivals in three words?

Both – Fun, Relaxing and enjoyable

Where’s your favourite holiday destination..

Rob – has to be Ibiza

Jed – Chamonix in the French Alps

Find out more about the boys by visiting their Website or Facebook page.