Julu Shortlisted for business award

Posted: 31st May 2017

By: WiRE Team

Julu  shortlisted of the ‘Most Promising New Business’ Award 2017 at the Hereford & Worcester Chamber of Commerce AwardsJulu

Julie and Lucie from Julu have been friends since the age of nine, both farmers’ daughters and having gone to school together, they have made dens, mud pies and now share the trials and tribulations of business! Both in their 40’s they have created Julu which brings new innovative laundry products which they hope will revolutionise the way you look at your domestic problem solving, the first of which is the ‘Laundry Ladder’. Says Julia,julu

“Lucie and I have entered the world of business with no previous background in running a business, so it was a challenge to pluck up the courage to apply for the Hereford & Worcester Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.  First, we selected two categories and then we started the form filling-in process.  With no idea where to start we did seek some advice from previous winners and sponsors.  The form filling-in turned out to be a really useful exercise and I am writing this blog to give others the encouragement to enter an award.  Like most things in life the award itself is not the only reward you gain.

“Whilst filling in the details it asked for, enabled us to think about where we had started and where we are aiming.  It made us gather facts and figures and gave us a moment to reflect the data and numbers from another perspective.   As we retrieved the information from Google Analytics, some of which confirmed our own knowledge of our customer profile, and quite a lot we found enlightening.  Now with this new found prospective we can better plan our future.  Some of the achievements we had made such as finding manufacturers here and overseas, had been successfully managed, but self-recognition of how big an achievement this was, had not been noted as we were busy just getting on with the job in hand.

The Hereford and Worcester Chamber of Commerce Awards evening is on June 15th Julia and Lucie will be attending this a popular event, they see it as another opportunity to network as well as a chance for recognition as a shortlisted finalist.