Join the Great British Jamathon!

Posted: 22nd May 2017

By: WiRE Team

JamThe lovely Rosemary Jameson from RosieMakesJam is stirring up a storm with her new initiative The Great British Jamathon

  • Help raise money for Sue Ryder Hospice Care and join in with the nationwide Jamathon live via YouTube
  • Get friends and family to sponsor you for the event. Then, sell the jars of jam you make – it’s easy!
  • Never made jam before? Now’s the time to have free lessons and raise a ton of money at the same time
  • Pay in directly to the Jamathon Just Giving page and all of your cash will go directly to the charity
  • We’ll support you with a checklist, recipe, advice on what you will need and hopefully we will have some celebrities to make some jam and inspire you.
  • We are going to stream the central event throughout the day LIVE to YouTube so that you can cook along with us wherever you are based.

You can work on your own at home (not so much fun) or get together in a Hall, workplace or school and have one big event (lots of fun!). As long as you have wifi you will be good to go. Get spectators along to support you – they may donate on the day – and they will certainly buy the jam you have made.

When the live event is all over you can still carry on jammin’ for yourself or to help Sue Ryder Hospice Care. The Just Giving page will stay in place and then next year we can do it all again!

Rosemary will be there to show you what to do – it’s easy and it’s fun!

There will be celebrity supporters along during the day to roll their sleeves up and get cooking along with you

There will be sessions throughout the day starting with a big countdown to 9 a.m.

Jamathon will keep a totaliser of how many jars we make and you can send in your numbers from wherever you are.

We will carry on to the big switch off at 9 p.m. to let as many people as possible join in.