Groundbreaking Coaching Programmes Launched

Posted: 8th February 2017

Groundbreaking Coaching Programmes Launched

After months of hard work, stress – and lots of agnonising, we’ve finally launched!

Senseandability have designed a whole new range of exciting coaching and development programmes created especially for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners – just like you.

So how are we different?  Traditional coaching works – but only for a select number of people.   Our programmes contain a series of unique modules, which are outcome driven.  So, unlike traditional coaching, you know exactly what you will get at the end of each unit that you work through.

Our state of the art personality assessments will give you remarkable insights into why you thrive with some business challenges – and struggle with others.

Working on a 1-1 basis with one of our experts, you will receive coaching, training and practical activities that  move you and your business forward.

And, of course, we also incorporate our optional equine assisted coaching modules.  Working with horses on the ground (no riding involved!) our clients work through their own specific issues in record time.  What it would take a coach to achieve in a series of coaching sessions, we can deliver, with the help of our horses, in just one 3 hour session.

We have a number of programmes for you to choose from, depending on the stage you are in your life – and your career.

Right Life Path
Growth for Leaders
Help for Managers
Trust for Teams

However, we only want to work with people who we absolutely know we can help.  That’s why we offer a FREE exploratory session, a 20 minute telephone call with our CPD approved Business and Personal Coach to discuss your current situation and establish whether we can help you or not.

So, please do take a look around the new site and see how we can help.  Call us when you’re ready – we’re very friendly here and love a chat!