Confidence is a fabulous thing

Posted: 21st February 2017

By: WiRE Team

Confidence is a fabulous thing

tara baileyHi Ladies. I wanted to share the amazing confidence building properties of having semi permanent makeup, especially perfect permanent eyebrows.

I’m Melanie Clarke and I run the Pennington Clinic, nestled in the Ashdown Forest outside Forest Row, offering very natural, beautiful Semi Permanent Makeup procedures across the eyes, brows and lips – empowering and building self-esteem.

Over the last few months we have worked with many women who have later contacted us to say that they love their brows and are now facing the world with new levels of confidence, some have made huge life changing decisions and found new levels of success, all down to their new found confidence.

Semi Permanent Makeup is the art of implanting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. Unlike traditional tattooists who work with ink, The Pennington Clinic technicians are implanting pigment made of iron oxides, iron being the most stable and common of all the elements, it is non-toxic, inert, innocuous and non-active, much like mineral make-up.

This pigment then fades or is absorbed by the body over the course of years. Most treatments require a “top-up” or colour boost after 18 months.

The procedures are offered over two stages. An initial consultation and treatment, which normally takes about an hour and a half. Most of this time is spent chatting and finding our exactly what a client is looking for, drawing on brow shapes and agreeing colour. It is through this initial consultation stage that we really get to know our clients and learn about them and their lives, which is a privilege and one of the things we most enjoy about the Clinic.

The actual tattoo stage of the procedure only takes about half and hour.

The client then returns 4 weeks later for a top-up procedure, when we can make any relevant adjustments to shape and colour and find out how life feels with permanent makeup.

We meet women all the time who feel transformed and confident as a result of a re-shaped, permanently perfect brow.

The smiles say it all!

About Melanie

Melanie has worked in Semi-Permanent Make-Up for over 11 years. Fed up with seeing bad procedures, hastily applied without care or talent, Melanie decided to create a centre of excellence dedicated purely to semi-permanent make-up and medical tattoo procedures.

Her experience and contacts within the industry offered Mel the chance to handpick some really talented techncians, She has chosen only those with real talent and a genuine passion for cosmetic and medical  tattooing to work through the clinic.

Set within the gardens of Stone Quarry House, the clinic offers total privacy, somewhere clients can feel relaxed and confident of receiving a beautiful, natural procedure.