WiRE inspires a Wordy Women collaboration

Posted: 16th January 2017

WiRE inspires a Wordy Women collaboration

It started as a catch-up over coffee, and now four Staffordshire WiRE women have decided to take things a step further with a collaboration called Wordy Women.

Gayle Edwards’ copywriting business, Lindsay Corten’s proofreading business, Cheryl Morris’s Creative Word PR and my Caittom Publishing business have put together a single flyer that promotes all four complementary business. We already pass quite a bit of business between us and work on joint pitches and projects, so this seemed like a natural next step.

It’s interesting to realise that in a traditional ‘one-seat’ networking group we wouldn’t all be able to attend because of the overlap in what we do – but thanks to WiRE’s open networking policy we have been able to get to know each other and prove that working together has big benefits.

Cheryl and I have already pitched for and won a new client this month and we’re now jointly delivering an eight-week content, social media and PR project for an established Burton business.

Watch out for the Wordy Women flyer coming to a WiRE meeting near you in 2017!