New Years resolutions set on…repeat, repeat?

Posted: 16th January 2017

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By: Jo Cook

New Years resolutions set on…repeat, repeat?

Happy February!  How are you feeling about your New Year’s resolutions and 2017 goals? Did you start the New Year with good intentions; are you on track with your plan…. or are you procrastinating, avoiding them or too fearful to start?

Whether it is the start a new project, develop your business, stop emotional eating or improve your confidence and performance; if your New Year goals are on repeat, it is likely that you are challenged by deep-rooted behaviours and habits too powerful for the CONSCIOUS MIND!

Creative Visualisation can help you to achieve your goals with ease.   How? By getting beyond the conscious mind and working with the subconscious mind- it’s your AUTO-PILOT!

  1. When we set goals; they are more successful if we can imagine that they have happened. If we tune in to our senses… seeing and hearing what is happening and really feeling what it is like when we are successful; the brain will provide you focus and see opportunities that will enable you to achieve your goal.
  2. Our imagination works more effectively when in a trance state. Solution focussed Hypnotherapy allows a state of deep relaxation to enable you to visualise your goals. Going beyond or normal patterns of thinking.
  3. The Subconscious Mind is the biggest section of our mind and operates on automatic pilot. It is scrambled with our emotions, imagination and memories. So if we engage with visualisation we can create new habits and patterns.
  4. The subconscious Mind is more powerful than the conscious mind and will always win; this is why we find it difficult to give up habits and unwanted behaviours. Hypnotherapy enables us to access the imagination and work directly with the subconscious, allowing it to change preconditioned ways of reacting.

 What the mind can conceive and believe it will Achieve!” Napoleon Hill

Try this.

  • Sit or lie somewhere comfortable
  • Close your eyes
  • Take 3 deep breaths
  • Continue to focus on your breath
  • Now think of a place where you feel very comfortable and peaceful. A garden a beach, a bubble bath. Be in that scene, see it, smell it, be in the feeling and allow that feeling to expand, allow the picture to be rich.
  • Now bring into your mind your goal. See yourself in the near future moving towards your goal, feel it see it, hear it, now move yourself on 6 months from there, feel it see it and hear it, and now move on to 1 year ahead – feel it, see it, hear it,
  • Then look back along your timeline to now and see all the things you do to achieve your goal, travel back along that time line bringing with you everything you have learnt about yourself and your goal.
  • Return to you place of peace and when ready open your eyes.

Great – well done

So if you want to achieve more at the end of February and breeze into March, why not do something different and try visualising or find out more about clinical hypnosis.  Sign up for my EBook ‘5 ways to feel fantastic’ and receive a relaxation recording.

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