New Network Fundraising Effort

Posted: 11th January 2017

By: WiRE Team

WiRE Members at the new network in Leicestershire and Rutland are raising money locally and selling lots of tickets to a fundraiser on 3rd Feb titled…

aliGet Ali to Mexico – A little boys big dream to compete in the America’s Cup

 Ali was born 2 weeks premature and, before he was a month old, he had to have major surgery to repair a hole in his heart at Glenfield Hospital. Due to being very small for his age and having a scar from his operation, Ali was bullied at school. Many of his school friends took part in after-school clubs but Ali didn’t feel confident enough to join them. And then he found his passion – karate. That was 4 years ago. As a discipline, karate promotes kindness, respect for others, and lifelong learning.

Ali is now a positive boy with a strong, ‘can do’ attitude, initiative and bundles of energy. He looks out for other children who might feel bullied or excluded.

Ali is 11 years old – and a black belt/red stripe, which is no easy task. It takes focus, commitment and lots of effort to achieve this standard.

He has recently been selected to represent his club and Team GB in the Americas Cup 2017. This is a highly prestigious karate tournament with competitors from all over the world and a sport that will be shown in the next Olympics. However, this trip will cost the family nearly £4,000 – money his family do not have. At first, Ali’s parents declined the opportunity, but Ali begged to go, saying that he’d give up his Playstation and never ask for any Xmas or birthday presents ever again – if only he could go to Mexico. He came up with ideas for fundraising and it broke his Mum’s heart to think she would have to take this dream away from her boy.

So his mum Claire set out to do her best to fulfil her boys dream and show him that with focus and determination anything is possible. She set up a Just Giving page and together with personal savings and contribution from family, friends and complete strangers, in only 3 months, she has managed to raise nearly 1/2 of what they need to make Ali’s dream a reality. She is also organising a Ladies Shopping and Pamper evening on the 3rd of February which has brought together lots of local therapists and many stall holders, who will donate their time to provide treatments to local ladies with all money raised to go towards this great community fundraiser.

Any excess monies raised, Claire has pledged to go directly to Glenfield Hospital.

More information on Claire’s crowdfunding page

Find out more about the Ladies Shopping & Pamper evening




Claire’s contact number: 07837323427, she lives in Countesthorpe with her husband Richard and son Alistair. Alistair attends Countesthorpe Community College.


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