Super Support for New Artist

Posted: 7th November 2016

Phaedra Elson Photo

By: Phaedra Elson

Super Support for New Artist

During a session of a local networking ladies meeting of Socially Shared, I met a few lovely people who suggested I attend the WiRE meeting in Brandon, Coventry.  As a new business I, as a lot of people in my position, needed as much encouragement and guidance as possible.  I attended 2 meetings at Brandon as a guest and found a very nice welcome from everyone attending.

The level of support surprised me and I thought how nice it was to have a group of people who understand the wonderful feeling of being self-employed as well as knowing of the obstacles which are faced.

I joined the WiRE so I can continue to meet new people and learn more, and hope in the future to be able to offer help to others who have ambitions for growing their own business too.

Pipistrelle Art is a family run business. We have a love for the Natural world and enjoy working on pieces of art which bring out the beauty in nature and animals.  Our artwork includes photographs of animals and landscape, wildlife and pet drawings in both graphite and colour pencils, along with portrait commissions of animals loved by their owners.

Catching that `spirit` of an animal is often about capturing the beauty in the eyes.  This is probably the most important moment in the drawing.  After the initial sketch, to proportion the artwork, the eyes are the first part of the main drawing to be completed.  A great deal of time is spent catching the `Soul` in the animals eyes. Without getting the right look in the eyes means that the rest of the artwork will not be quite right.  We truly believe this is one of the most essential aspects of producing a beautiful piece of animal art.

The whole of planet earth has myriads of inspirational flora, fauna and amazing landscapes to draw from, it is more often that the influences come from much closer to home.  The British Isles offers us so much to invoke our creativity and is probably where our hearts lie the most.  From the ancient landscapes to the wild and domestic animals that roam these lands, all give us the passion to pursue our arts.

We are building up our portfolio with a range of prints available to buy and bookmarks for the perfect stocking filler.  Gift Vouchers are available too. Have a look at our website