Confidence in business, my thoughts as a female entrepreneur.

Posted: 2nd November 2016

Confidence In Business, A Female Entrepreneurs View.

Many female entrepreneurs feel the need to under value themselves, their services, products or expertise. but why?

We’ve spent hours learning our craft or profession, gaining knowledge and perfecting what we do down to the last dotted I’s and crossed T’s, we’ve been up all night putting the hours in and skipping meals, we’ve made sacrifices maybe not going on that night out or celebration to make time to catch up on our accounts and admin.

All of this makes you and your business special and you should be beaming from ear to ear ready to be confident to tell the world what you do and be proud of it.

Everyone is secretly a little shy inside but all I can say is fake it till you make it! and learn from others. In the early stages of my business I used to be terrified telling people all about my plans and letting get to know the real me but with some professional training to help with that all important elevator pitch  and quickly realising on what great opportunities I had ahead of me I kept on going and persisted until one day it didn’t seem so bad.

Another great resource I go back to now and again is my scrapbook of what the business has achieved, photos, testimonials, thank you cards a quick read and flick through fills me with pride of how far I’ve come and fills me with a natural confidence and desire to tell people all about it!

So here’s my thoughts on confidence in business, I’d love for you to leave me a comment with your tips and ideas.

Speak soon,

Sarah (Head Tea Lady) at Lily’s Secret Vintage Tea Rooms