Book Launch – please help

Posted: 7th November 2016

Book Launch – please help

This year I’ve launched my first book – Don’t Just Dream It – Achieve It and it’s going to print at the beginning of December to coincide with Small Business Saturday.

It’s a fabulous book incorporate mindfulness alongside both left and right brained thinking to help you reach your goal in simple and creative steps.

I’ve deliberately avoided free online publishing and marketing and  decided on the more difficult route  of getting hard copies printed.


Because this enables me to support a small UK based printer.

How can you help?

I’ve launched a crowd fund campaign via Indiegogo.  I am appealing for investors to support the book launch, by getting investors we achieve a larger print run and keep publishing costs down.

Please go to       to donate or pledge.  If you pledge then so choose a reward which includes one of the first print runs of the book or anything alongside to help you achieve your goals too.

Is there anything else I can do?

Yes, go the the website and share the campaign across your social media from the links you will see there.  I need this to go to a wide audience to make it a success.  Please personalise with your own comment and ask others to retweet or share too.

Many thanks beautiful WIRE ladies.