Design you own Outdoor Kitchen

Posted: 5th October 2016

okIf you’re looking for something different as a Christmas gift – how about an Outdoor Kitchen!

Have a look at my The Outdoor Kitchen Website for ideas, in the meantime here is an update on where my business journey has taken me over the last few years.

Every couple of years I have found that my business has evolved and a new angle has popped up.  It’s been partly as a result of looking for effective ways to sell and market as I get older and less able to load the car with heavy stuff and head off to selling events. So two years ago plans to stand behind a stall all day were exchanged for doing campfire cooking demonstrations using a tripod, kotlich, paella pan and hanging grill. It was great fun putting the different types of pan through their paces.  These demonstrations are highly visual with fire, a lot of stories about Serbia, outdoor kitchens and tastings. I also cook very fast, three recipes in 45 minutes over an open fire is quite an entertaining spectacle.

Then this year we decided at last to build our own outdoor kitchen. It’is made of wood, rustic, with a cob oven, a place to hang a kotlich over a fire, work surfaces, shelves, wood storage, a bench and a sink. Loads of friends have been raving about it so I decided to offer a talk at various festivals. Port Eliot, The Good Life Experience and The Glamping show all took me up on it with great enthusiasm. I had pretty different audiences at each event. The first two opportunities were for private outdoor kitchens in small gardens, yards or woodland.  The second was for people setting up glamping venues and in need of information and ideas.

The presentation at the Glamping Show ended up being a push for a sensibly planned outdoor kitchen that will enable you to hold food events throughout the year and so prolong your season. Some one thanked me after wards with the words, “You’ve convinced me now that every one of our units needs a camp fire spot to give our visitors the real glamping experience.”

So who knows what the next step might be…..consultancy……recipes…….grandchildren. As long as I go on loving my job I will do all three!