30 days of blogging from Lily’s

Posted: 17th October 2016

We need your help, for the month of October we have set ourselves a challenge to write a blog a day for 30 days Lily’s Secret Vintage Tearoom 30 Days

Here are the first few Blogs…

Blog 1 The world’s biggest coffee morning

Blog 2 Fabulous Workshop Series

Blog 3 Thoughts on Public Speaking (and Inspiring Places)

Blog 4 Creativity is the art of intelligence

Blog 5 How to create the perfect cream tea

Day 6 Be Kind to Yourself – Productivity vs The Soul

Blog 7 The Humble Spud!

Day 8 Fun, Learning Magic – Ready Steady… Magicsbs

Day 9 Countdown to a Vintage Christmas

Day 10 Our five favourite Autumnal things

Day 11 Theo Paphitis and Lily’s #SBS win

Day 12 Top tips for starting and marketing your tearoom business

Day 13 Things to consider when catering for a funeral

Day 14 Planning a wedding? What should you feed your guests

Day 15 Another win for Lily’s #Queenof Twitter

Day 16 Photography that’s simply magic

Day 17 Top Trend for 2017 – the naked wedding cake!

Day 18 5 Top Tips on becoming a professional baker

Day 19 Staying Motivated top tips to keep going

Day 20 Salted Caramel – the rise of the nation’s new favourite?

Day 21 What are you doing to support your sector

Day 22 Making sure that passion is your business

Day 23 10 ideas for creating an Autumnal Picnic

Day 24 Always plan for “Plan B”

Day 25 Being Consistent in Business

Day 26 Embracing Change

Day 27 Time Management for Small Businesses

Day 28 Love is in the (chilly) Air – Winter and Autumn Weddings

Day 29 Encouraging a strong Work Ethic

Day 30 Ten points to consider when organising a craft fair.