What interesting times we live in!

Posted: 19th September 2016

By: WiRE Team

rel-chart-david-boris-theresa-angela1This relationship chart shows how potentially creative and good at communication Theresa May is. Beneath the surface in her core numbers there is also relentless determination and an unstoppable generator. This chart also shows how wonderfully well Theresa worked with David Cameron and how potentially they achieve a great deal together. Both David and Theresa are open and need other people to help them to complete what they are here to do. Central to David Cameron’s world are big projects (22/ 4), which open doors for him, but are also a massive challenge for him, he also has a gift (10/ 1) for leadership. Both Theresa and David have a 5 mission, which is about embracing change and finding freedom despite the limitations. David’s mission (41/ 14/ 5) can mean shaking things up at every level to bring about change. Theresa’s mission (32/ 5) can mean an ability to communicate through her personality and to speak for others. They both have a gift for leadership and both help each other to bring about great change, Theresa also expands David’s world into creativity and enhances his communication skills as they would both understand each other at a very deep level.

Theresa’s relationship with Boris may be completely different and Boris goes about things in a completely different way to Theresa and David. Whereas David and Theresa are open and need others to help them to complete what they are here to do, Boris is much less of a team player, he completes what he is here to do largely on his own, central to his world is his great sensitivity, which is a challenge for him, as well as his great sense of responsibility. Both David and Theresa have a gift for leadership (10/ 1), whereas Boris’s starting point (19/ 10/ 1) indicates a massive struggle to be independent and self confident. Boris and David are connected with their 9 energy, which is all about being of service to others and teaching, for David this is his starting point. This can mean that he comes in as quite a perfectionist, knowing everything, but has to learn to be humble and to let go and trust. Boris has a 9 mission (45/ 9) and he is an ‘Old Soul’, this is about teaching from experience and understanding and being an ‘Old Soul’ means Boris is very much here in service. David and Boris help each other to connect helping all of humanity with leadership and ‘paying the bills’ i.e. applying ‘helping all humanity’ on a very practical basis. Boris can expand Theresa and David’s worlds into the realms of emotion and sensitivity.

This ‘Relationship Chart’ indicates that the EU Referendum is actually very positive for David as it ultimately helps him to complete what he is here to do. This date expands his work into the harmonious home and connects him with his emotions in a whole new way. David’s ‘Life Map’ indicates big projects emerging for David from 2016 to 2018, his challenge from 2016 to 2024 is also 32/ 5 which encourages to embrace change (this is also Theresa’s mission). Boris’s ‘Life Map’ suggests recovery and putting his life in order 2017 and 2019, with a new job or home in 2018 which may make him feel very unsettled and between 2020 and 2022 he may feel too much is expected of him. Theresa’s ‘Life Map’ suggests, making something for nothing, never giving up and transformation from October 2016 to October 2018, and her challenge at this time is to inspire others to think in new ways.

Central to the date of David’s resignation is his sense of service and duty, his starting point on this date (24/ 6) can mean he felt too much was expected of him, the gift that comes from this date is the harmonious home, but his challenge (9) is to let go and trust. The mission that comes from this date (39/ 12/ 3) is all about a massive letting go and can mean David potentially giving something up to serve a bigger/higher purpose. The 39/ 12/ 3 that is the mission that comes from the date of David’s resignation is also what ‘opens doors’ for Boris and Boris completes what he is here to do with the date of the EU Referendum, This date also connects him to David and Theresa in a whole new way, expanding his world greatly. The date of David’s resignation connects Boris and Theresa in a whole new way and also helps Boris to complete his mission in this lifetime.

Angela Merkel is very much on the outside of these cosy relationships, which are potentially completing a great deal together. Angela and Theresa’s connection is with regard to 1 energy i.e. their connection is about survival. They may find that they think in different ways and go about things in completely different ways. Central to Theresa’s world is her creativity and her communication skills. Central to Angela’s world is her academic knowledge as well as the spiritual (Angelika earned a doctorate as a physical chemist and used to be a research scientist, whereas Theresa graduated from Oxford with a BA in geography and used to work as a senior advisor in International Affairs at the Association for Payment Clearing Services). Also central to Angela’s world is the spiritual and religion played a key role in Angela’s migration to East Germany. Her father was born a catholic, but converted to Lutheran theology and received a pastorate in this church. Angela is also a member of this church. Angela and Theresa have some common ground here as Theresa is the daughter of a vicar and a member of the Church of England and they both worships regularly at their different churches on Sunday’s. Communication may be difficult as potentially Theresa may not have the freedom she wants and Angela may have to go with the flow more than she is comfortable with. But, in their struggle to find common ground, although from different faiths, they may come to realise how central to each of their lives their faith is and whereas Brexit has largely been about money Theresa and Angela may bring in a more spiritual dimension, working together for the survival of the planet and to help as many people as possible …

Let’s hope this happens …

Written by Jane Alton (www.janealton.com)