Feeling under the weather? Try Health Kinesiology

Posted: 7th September 2016

We all like that feeling of having a ‘spring in our step’ when we’re in the best of health. But the demands of running our own businesses can sometimes mean our health suffers. A lot of clients come to me with physical ailments, and others simply feel ‘out of sorts’. I often recommend Health Kinesiology.

What is Health Kinesiology?

Health Kinesiology (HK) is a complementary therapy concerned with rebalancing the body’s energy system. It uses muscle testing to identify the problem areas, and once these are identified, gentle techniques are used to bring the body back into harmony with itself.

HK is a truly holistic approach and, for this reason, it is a powerful healing system that is being increasingly recognised by members of the medical profession. Most clients find the session a relaxing and enjoyable experience, although they may be a little mystified as to how such an unusual treatment can leave them feeling so much better.

In a session, the HK therapist may identify and help correct allergies and nutritional imbalances, rebalance chakras and deal with phobias. In the last year I have seen an increase in children with allergies due to everyday allergens, such as aspartame, monosodium glutamate, rapeseed oil, parabens and sodium laureth sulphate. HK has helped to switch off the body’s response to these allergens to reduce symptoms in both children and adults.

What does a HK session involve?

The client lies down fully clothes on a couch, with one forearm resting at right angles to the couch.

The HK therapist gently applies a light pressure to a muscle to ascertain the level of resistance it gives. The response is monitored. If the muscle relaxes and ‘gives way’, this is a ‘No’ response. If the muscle remains strong and rigid, this is a ‘Yes’ response.

By presenting the body with various items and testing the muscle response to them, the therapist can determine what weakens the client’s energy system and what strengthens it.

Once the items that place stress on the body have been identified, gentle treatments can be used to rebalance the energy system. Common treatments include flower essences, homeopathic remedies, magnets, or even a particular thought.

No two sessions are the same, even for people with similar conditions, because the person is treated as a unique individual. This is what one of my client’s has to say about HK:

“I’ve been having HK from Annie for about 3 years… She has helped all members of my family from our cats and children to myself and my mum – and we’ve all seen fantastic results” – Clare Corfield

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