Digital Virtual Assistant Services Launched

Posted: 21st September 2016

Digital Virtual Assistant Services Launched

Learning all aspects of digital marketing is an insurmountable task for most small business owners I meet, the learning curve is steep and the organic nature of the media platform is so vast it is impossible to learn it all.

And the moment you think Facebook or Linked In is the way to go there is a new “thingy” launched that is taking the world by storm and you feel you are missing out.

Most sales today are being made with the assistance of Facebook and Instagram.

And most people are making purchases on their mobile phone or tablet, even in coffee shops and at tills with Contactless and Applepay.

Yet there is still a huge percentage of small business owners, solopreneurs and home based business owners wishing they had a website and a Facebook page that were generating leads for their business every day.

Well, if you would like to give me a little amount of your time, I’m pretty sure you can benefit from one or two of or new Digital Virtual Assistant Services.

We’ve been online for over 8 years and have discovered many frustrating problems along the way that were time-consuming and down-right ineffective.

I’ve spent hours and hours and hours writing blog posts that weren’t tailored to any products I was offering.

I spent a year climbing to a massive 62 Facebook page Likes until I decided to make a few changes that got it growing much faster.

And of course I nearly threw my laptop out of the window on many occasions due to the sheer frustration of failing to find ANY answers to technical issues in plain English.

So if you are baffled by WordPress,  swamped by social media and blogging, failing to see the point of Social Media and wanting to speak to someone face to face about the digital world we live in, then we can help you.

1.Help With Your Branding And Social Media 

Facebook pages are a vital and very versatile part of any online marketing business funnel but they are completely misunderstood by most people who have not seen for themselves the incredible advantages of building a larger Facebook presence for their brands.

Facebook has literally reinvented your ability to be able to “talk” directly to people who have expressed an interest in your topic in an easy, fast and affordable way.

Whether your profile on Facebook and Twitter just need a revamp, updating and refresh, we can help you do exactly that with our Social Media Branding Service.

Or maybe you are still getting a little stuck with that awkward “what do I say or do” on Facebook every day problem? We aim to take control of all of that headache for you with our Social Media Done For You Service **which uniquely uses part of your monthly budget to strategically and actively BUILD your Facebook page with those all important Facebook page likes.

Or why not take advantage of actually talking face to face to someone about your social media content plan by booking a one hour Social Media Power Hour  where we come to your office (or coffee shop if you prefer) and work with you to create a unique Facebook Content Map and plan just for you and your business.

2. Put Some Va-Va-Voom Into Your Next Powerpoint Presentation

There is a nothing worse than having to sit through a boring Powerpoint Presentation that leaves you uninspired, wondering the heck what it was all about and reaching for your phone under the table to check out what’s happening on Facebook!

And as a speaker, presenter or coach offline or as a webinar host or trainer online Powerpoint Presentations today are an EASY way to help people remember you, your brand, your presentation and your message.

We all know the tired out old style black bullet points on a white background presentations that get used over and over again, why not set yourself out a little from the competition and put yourself in the spotlight with our Powerpoint Presentations Service.

3. Let Us Take Care Of Your Next Blog Post 

Writing that first blog post is the hardest one right?

I know mine was hours spent thinking about it, at least another hour writing it, an hour or so wondering if it was any good, another tweak for SEO as best I could and finally I hit the publish button waiting for the huge amount of visitors to come hurtling to my blog. (They didn’t by the way).

Blogging is still today what it has always been, it’s my #1 free lead generation tool and I LOVE it!

I understand the pressure attached to it and that you want to put your heart and soul into it but it’s really a little soldier you send out into the world-wide web that when matched to the ideal reader can be a beautiful thing that tumbles into highly targeted leads and sales for your business.

Take the heat off and let us help you create a blog post that you can use as a template complete with an image, SEO, meta descriptions and keywords. Check out our article writing service by clicking here.


Getting started with the online marketing is both exciting and overwhelming we understand that. Why not leverage our skills and our time for maximum impact and at the same time gain insights and understanding into what really works online and why.

  • Digital virtual assistance with your social media profiles and branding.
  • Digital virtual assistant services available for social media updates and building your Facebook page strategically at the same time.
  • Put some Va-Va-Voom into your Powerpoint Presentations and webinars.
  • Take the pressure off your blogging by following a template blog that we create for you.
  • To view all our current virtual assistant services check out our Creative Online Marketing Store.

To your online marketing success!