What a difference a name makes

Posted: 19th September 2016

By: WiRE Team

jaIt’s always a great privilege to give a talk on Numerology and it always means a great deal to me when I’m asked back to give another talk. On this occasion the group I was giving a talk to had changed their name and from the moment I arrived, as well as seeing lots of new faces I could sense a whole new energy. The group was originally set up 03/02/2010 with the name ‘Paddock Wood Spiritual Development Group’. The group then changed its name to ‘Dowding Development Group’ on 06/05/2015.

With this original start date the Birthday No. of this group or the field of experience it comes in with is the 3, which is can mean great communication skills, but also a great potential to scatter energy. The rhythm that this 3 has to try to work to is the 2 which encourages the 3 to work in more subtle ways and to be more sensitive. Ultimately the place in the orchestra is the 3 or the 30/ 3 which is about using communication skills to uplift others with their vision. So communicating with great sensitivity becomes the challenge.

The first goal that comes from the date this group started is a 5 (3 + 2), the 5 is all about using the mind and the senses to potentially think in new ways and embrace change. The challenge that comes from this date (2 + 1) is the 3 which is all about communication and staying focussed rather than scattered. The group’s song or mission that comes from the date the group started is an 8 (5 + 3). The 8 is a powerful karmic number which is ultimately about bringing things to the surface to deal with them and is ultimately about changing patterns that will otherwise go on forever. The 8 never stops moving and can be very much ‘out there’ wanting to be seen as in charge, constantly knocking down and rebuilding. The 8 is ultimately a very spiritual number and can also represent cause & effect or ‘spirit & matter working together’ i.e. ‘the deeper you go the higher you fly’. Initially the 8 can be like a bull in a china shop, but ultimately the 8 can learn to knock down and rebuild with love, not hurting anyone. The 8 ultimately finds balance between the spiritual and the material.

The 32/ 5 at the beginning of this date represents ‘crystalised sunshine’ and can mean the group is able to speak for others and can communicate through their personality. There is a 53/ 8 that also comes from this date which is all about ‘climbing the mountain fighting’. Wanting to overcome obstacles and focus on survival. Ultimately the energy from the group’s start date can be very ‘out there’ despite a 2 rhythm.







The first name ‘Paddock’ represents the ‘Personal Intent’ of the group and has a 27/ 9 vibration. This encourages ‘wisdom from feelings and emotions’ and great sensitivity. This can also represent a new vision, looking at new things, but with such sensitivity this group would need lots of nurturing and encouragement. The first letter of the name P is a 7 vibration, which may mean being reserved and introspective with difficulty in expressing thoughts and feelings. The name also has: – 6 number 5s which can mean being very resourceful and versatile, but also restless with lots of interests.

6 number 4s which can mean being very practical and organised.

5 number 7s which can mean a fine mind with technical ability, capable of analysis and research but also difficulty expressing feelings.

5 number 3s which can mean very creative and imaginative, with potentially great communication skills if can stay focussed.

4 number 9s which can mean very creative but very emotional too.

The ‘Overall Self Expression’ number of this name is 174/ 12/ 3, encourages co-operative ventures and fun, also communication skills and balance between the more assertive energy (1) and the more sensitive energy (2), which is the rhythm of the group’s song or mission. The ‘Soul Urge’ number which can represent motivation = 71/ 8 this can represent wanting to ‘make the vision real’. The ‘Personality’ number 103/ 4 can mean a great potential for transformation and rebirth if the group’s great creativity can be realised.

In summary the original name of this group is very dominated by 8 energy, wanting to get out there, to knock down and rebuild, to make the vision real. But this group may also feel pulled in different directions and as a result restless, wanting to be creative and to scatter energy, also very sensitive, but with difficulty expressing this.








The first name ‘Dowding’ represents the new ‘Personal Intent’ of the group and has a 40/ 4 vibration. This encourages the group to focus on building something solid, by focussing on what is viable and practical. The number 4 is also the most creative number if the group can encourage members to focus on building their ‘inner temple’. The first letter of this new name is D, a 4 vibration; this encourages building in a steady disciplined manner, working efficiently to complete projects. Focussing energies, rather than scattering them.

This new name also has: – 6 number 5s which can mean being very resourceful and versatile, but also restless with lots of interests.

5 number 4s which can mean being very practical and organised.

4 number 7s which can mean a fine mind with technical ability, capable of analysis and research but also difficulty expressing feelings.

2 number 3s, so not as creative as the previous name, but the group’s name was changed 06/5/16 and 65/ 11/ 2 can represent ‘prolific creator’. The 6 field of experience, working to the rhythm of the 5, with a first goal of 11 (6 + 5), to inspire others to think in new ways. The place in the orchestra 8 or 26/ 8 is about re-evaluation and changing patterns that would otherwise go on forever and this ties in with the group’s original song or mission. 2 number 9s, so less emotional too. A big difference with this new name is also that there are no number 1s. This can mean looking within to find the confidence to do things in their own unique way and perhaps a struggle to be truly independent and self confident.

The ‘Overall Self Expression’ number of the group with this new name is 122/ 23/ 5, this encourages group to go with new ideas and to try new ways of doing things. The ‘Soul Urge’ number which represents motivation is 45/ 9 and this is ultimately about teaching from experience and understanding. (45/ 9 is the point at the centre of the athenor where we potentially can look up to our potential and move from involution to evolution). 9 are perfectionists who come in knowing everything, but who ultimately have to learn detachment and to let go and trust with love, letting go of all that is unproductive.

The ‘Personality’ number 77/ 14/ 5 is ultimately about going into the quiet to find the message and to share this. It’s also about finding the freedom despite the limitations.

This group doesn’t lose the energy generated by the original name and the new name adds positive dimensions. In summary, the new name encourages the group to focus their energies on what’s viable and practical, with less scattering of energy. Communication is also enhanced and made more effective by going into the quiet and there is the potential to teach. The 4 is ultimately about building the inner temple and this is encouraged by the Personality No. of 77/ 14/ 5 as well as the missing 1 which both encourage looking within, to know yourself at the deepest level and to be true to yourself. The new name helps the group to complete its’ song or mission by ultimately helping the group find a balance between the spiritual and the material i.e. encouraging members to look within and put themselves in the ‘driving seat’ rather than just respond to the environment and potentially scatter energy. While giving my talk it became clear that many of the group’s new members had 14/ 5 energy for their first name i.e. there were lots of ‘messengers’ in the group, all finding freedom despite the limitations and benefitting from going into the quiet to master meditation and find their unique message and voice. Written by Jane Alton (www.janealton.com). 06/06/2016