DIY Confidence Boost

Posted: 5th July 2016

Confidence can affect us all at times.  Sometimes and in certain given situations we have an abundance of it and at other times, confidence can escape us leaving us lacking self-esteem and often rendering us incapable of performing otherwise simple activities.

There are many reasons this happens, sometimes it stems from events that occurred in our formative years, often events that have happened more recently can knock our confidence, anything from the loss of a loved one to a new boss or responsibilities at work.

It is important to remember that no-one can harm our confidence, only we can choose to feel the way we do, the greatest thing about this piece of knowledge is that we can with practice choose to feel more confident.  Knowing this is empowerment itself.

I remember losing my confidence at work.  It took a dip, but once it’s down then it can be difficult to get out of the rut.  I was fortunate that I realised what was happening to me and knew I had to change something for myself.  So I got help in the form of coaching.  I learned simple techniques than I use over and over again to keep my confidence and self esteem high.

This technique is one I use time and time again.

“In the busy world that we live and work there is an information overload going on.  Our brains filter the information for us and we get into the habit of thinking about certain things.  If we fill our heads with negative thoughts then that’s all we can think about and it’s easy to ignore or take for granted the great stuff that we do.

It can take a few weeks to recondition your thought processes, here’s how I would go about it:

ACTION – Treat yourself to a really nice notebook and I do mean treat yourself, you are after all worth it.

Spend just 5 minutes out of everyday to recall and record all the great things that have happened no matter how small they seem.  I like to end my day with this.

For some people this could be getting throw a day at work, for others the events may be more significant.  Mine varies from smiling my way through a bad day to standing on stage in front of 200 people for a charity comedy event.

As a minimum choose 3 things.

If negative thoughts enter your head, don’t dismiss them completely, but write down anything positive from the learning that came from them.

Over a few weeks you have created a positive moments journal.  Next time you’re feeling low, or have feeling of failure, pull out the journal, enjoy reading it and remind yourself how great a person you are.”

This is an excerpt taken from Carolyn’s confidence guide “The 7 step confidence challenge”.  If you’d like a free copy then subscribe to Carolyn’s newsletter at

Carolyn Trafford is a Leek based personal development coach supporting others in reaching their true potential.  If you need to maximise your motivation then please get in touch today.


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